HealthRock® – Amp Up Your Kids Health CD

Doctor Seibel narrates a guide to healthy living punctuated with his HealthRock® songs to bring the points home. You'll laugh and learn.

Amp Up Your Kids Health
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1. Intro to Amp Up Your Kids Health!
2. Laugh
3. DocRock Intro
4. Tooth Talk
5. Brush Your Teeth
6. Bath Facts
7. Taking A Bath
8. Hand Washing Facts
9. Wash Your Hands
10. Helmet Safety Facts
11. A Brand New Helmet
12. Understanding Differences
13. I Am A Lot Like You
14. Allergy Facts
15. Nutz
16. Nutrition Facts
17. Count on Fruit
18. Learning to Like Vegetables
19. Don't Be Afraid of a Squash
20. I've Got to Sneeze
21. Sweetie Pie Fluffy White Feathers
22. Healthy Bones
23. Fat Facts
24. Phat Fat Rap
25. Lice Aren't Nice
26. Lice in My Hair
27. Tick Facts
28. Tick Tock Tick
29. My First Sore Throat
30. Strep Throat (My Throat Is Sore)
31. Monster Facts
32. There's a Monster
33. I Had a Nightmare
34. Time to Say Goodbye
35. Best at Being Me
36. Outro to Amp Up Your Kid's Health
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