HealthRock® – Amp Up Your Health CD

Doctor Seibel narrates a guide to healthy living punctuated with his HealthRock® songs to bring the points home. You'll laugh and learn.

Amp Up Your Health
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1. Exercise
2. Intro To Amp Up Your Health!™
3. Quit Smokin'
4. Your Heart is a Pump
5. Grow Old Gracefully
6. Breast Cancer Facts
7. Mammogram
8. Prostate Cancer Facts
9. Prostate Check
10. Light At The End Of Your Tunnel
11. Heart Disease
12. Skin Cancer Facts
13. Solar Gun
14. Osteoporosis Facts
15. Osteoporosis
16. Sleep Facts
17. Menopause Can Be A Night Time Mess
18. If You Drink, Don't Drive
19. Drunk Driving Facts
20. Smoking Facts
21. I Never Thought About Thinking
22. Wisdom
23. Dating
24. Think STD's
25. The Medical System
26. Hospital Song
27. The Importance of Exercise
28. Outro To Amp Up Your Health!™
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