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Question: How do I get a cold?
People get colds by getting “cold germs” into their bodies from someone who has a cold. Sometimes we breathe them into our bodies and sometimes we get cold germs on our hands and put them in our mouths. A great way to protect against getting a cold is to wash your hands before eating or before putting your hands in your mouth, and by telling friends to cover their mouth and nose when they sneeze. Getting plenty of sleep and eating healthy also helps. Listen to the HealthRock song “I’ve Got to Sneeze.”

Question: I am overweight. How can I fix it?
That is an important question. The best way is to eat healthy and exercise. Try not to eat snack foods like chips and sodas and eat more fruits and vegetables. Even one soda a day can cause you to gain 10 pounds in a year.

Question: How many bones are in the body?
When babies are born they have over 300 bones. But as they grow up, some of the bones join together into one larger bone. An example is the skull. The skull bones are not joined together in children so there is room for the brain to grow. Once we stop growing, the total number of bones is 206.

Question: What is a blood cell?
The blood is made up of red blood cells and white blood cells. The red blood cells take oxygen to every other type of cell in our bodies. The white blood cells help to fight infections.

Question: What is your colon?
The colon is also called the large intestines. It helps digest food. When it finishes up that job, it pushes out the waste as a bowel movement.

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