HealthRock© sets health education to music and song to make health information more memorable, enjoyable, and actionable. Award-winning physician Mache Seibel, MD aka DocRock combines up-to-the-second health education with rollicking, catchy music to give kids of all ages the information and inspiration they need to stay healthy, happy, and productive.

About DocRock

DocRock’s patients know him as a life-saving, compassionate physician, but that’s the tip of the stethoscope when it comes to his prolific career as an author, composer, speaker, and “edutainer,” with 10 books, more than 100 original songs on 12 music CDs, and 20+ years presenting on health topics to international audiences at conferences, meetings, corporate events, and educational venues.

DocRock has been featured on… The Today Show, PBS, Inside Edition, ABC, Fox, NECN, NPR, People Magazine, Vogue, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Washington Post, L.A. Times

His mission, based on his motto “It’s better to stay well than to get well”, is to increase health literacy through music and entertainment. And he plays the guitar like he was ringing a bell!

“He is the perfect blend of information and entertainment. I think he could be the next Mr. Rogers.”
– Dr. Gerry Lemberg, Chairman of Silver Fox Venture Partners